Our Service & Fees

Our Mission

Our primary objective is to ensure that you have enough money for the rest of your life to enable to you to do the things that you want to do. This is Life Changing Advice.

We do this by gathering information regarding the existing pension, savings and investments that you have and then looking at how long they would last given certain assumptions of investment returns and inflation. We also need to really understand what you spend at the moment and how you think your spending patterns will change over the rest of your life. Although this involves a number of assumptions we believe this is the best way of having some idea of hitting your objectives.

It is helpful for us to understand what matters to you, the hobbies and interests that you have, future life goals and plans that you have in mind and how you feel about the risk of different investment solutions.

Please note, standalone cash flow planning is an unregulated activity.

We then put together a lifestyle (cash flow) financial plan – you can find more about what it is and how it works here:

Plan Reviews

Once we have established the funds that you need to have and to ensure that those will last for the rest of your life, we then need to confirm that your existing plans are ‘fit for purpose’. Rather than make an assumption that an existing plan is or is not up to the task of being sufficiently flexible to achieve your objectives, we will examine that arrangement and carry out a thorough plan review.

If we believe that an existing policy will not deliver what you require, or we believe that you need something else to meet your objectives we will advise you accordingly.

Ongoing Investment Reviews

During investment reviews we will see how you are progressing with the financial plan and continuing to remain on track to meet your objectives. We can also update any of your circumstances and fund valuations in comparison with the preceding year.

This will give you complete reassurance as you move towards your retirement, or move into your retirement, that you will still have enough funds for your desired lifestyle.

Any products we have arranged for you will only be kept under review as part of an ongoing service for which you have agreed to pay. We consider our ongoing services to be an important part of our financial planning process. If you agree to purchase an ongoing service, unless otherwise agreed, the ongoing service will be provided as a follow up to the initial service.

It is vital that you actively engage with this ongoing investment review process so that we can take account of any changes in your circumstances and the impact on the continuing suitability of your arrangements to meet your objectives. We will make all reasonable attempts to contact you prior to your review date in order to arrange a review of your investments but if we have received no engagement from you after two consecutive years, we reserve the right to serve you notice of the termination of our agreement and/or switch off our ongoing services. The ongoing adviser charge would also cease. We would however be happy to enter into a new client agreement to provide our services again in the future should you so wish.

Fees and Charges

We aim for an entirely simple and transparent charging structure, as described in the table below.

Payment for Services

  • By signing our agreement you are agreeing to pay the charges for our services as set out in the agreement. We will tell you if any payments are subject to VAT.
  • Our financial planning fee is payable on completion of our work and within 14 days of the issuance of our invoice.
  • Some protection policies still pay commission and sometimes we recommend that you use this instead of paying a fee.
  • Please also take note of additional costs which are likely to be payable by product providers and funds. We are mindful of these when we put your plan together and we will always disclose any third party costs as part of making our recommendations.

Our actual charges and fees (in pounds and pence) will be agreed with you before we do any work and we will explain your payment options too.

We will also let you know where any fees are subject to VAT.

Initial Financial Planning and Research fees can only be payable by invoice. However ongoing fees can either be invoiced annually in advance or can be paid ongoing through Standing Order or plan deduction.


* depends on the complexity

Please see below for worked examples of how these charges could apply.

** There may be some specific arrangements with increased costs, and this is typically more complex tax planning arrangements or pension transfers. However, we will always explain and get your agreement to these additional costs in advance. They will be quoted as fixed monetary amounts.

** As this fee is a percentage of the overall portfolio and received on a monthly frequency, it will move up and down in line with the fluctuations of the portfolio as a whole.

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