Blooms for Blossom

The team at Kingsfleet Wealth have been delighted to collect their unique, hand-crafted blooms, supporting the wonderful Blooms for Blossom Appeal, which has been a sell-out success this Autumn.

More than £33,000 has now been raised towards a vital new Breast Care Centre at Ipswich Hospital. All 1,000 metal flowers created for this appeal, were bought and collected during October and November to raise money for a new centre at Ipswich Hospital.

The appeal, by Colchester & Ipswich Hospitals Charity, is part of an ongoing drive to raise £5.3m for the new centre to support and treat people with breast cancer.

Each flower was handcrafted by Suffolk Ironworks especially for the appeal and stamped with their own number and given out with a certificate explaining their meaning. They were all displayed at the front of Ipswich Hospital in the shape of a bra – the appeal’s logo – during the last two months.

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