yellow fish

Following our Silver Level accreditation by the Carbon Charter Panel earlier this year (in recognition of our efforts to monitor and reduce our carbon emissions) our latest commitment to support the scheme comes in the form of a Yellow Fish!

We are currently displaying a Yellow Fish window sticker at our Claydon office, to help raise awareness about the collaborative work of Groundwork Suffolk and the Environment Agency. Together they seek to engage the community and inspire awareness of our local natural heritage; ultimately preventing water pollution in the River Gipping.

The project’s clear message, Only Rain down the Drain! is being delivered through the marking of public drains with a yellow fish symbol, as a reminder that all litter or pollution entering the system can cause direct contamination of our rivers and streams.

Local residents, businesses, community groups and schools will also receive information and practical advice on how to reduce water pollution in the home and community

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And keep an eye out for drains marked with a yellow fish!

yellow fish leaflet