This fantastic event, which is in its 10th Year, is a registered charity that raises much-needed funds for local primary and secondary schools on the Shotley peninsula. Kingsfleet Wealth strongly believe that life’s successes are often grounded in the education received. So we were delighted to support this local, educational charity, in conjunction with a sport enjoyed by some of our team.

The day itself was rather overcast, with a cool wind blowing over the water towards the site of the 5K start, where the Kingsfleet Wealth banners stood, flapping in the breeze. Oblivious to the chill, the 600 runners eagerly lined up to begin their race, with the winner finishing in an amazing time of just 17 minutes and 4 seconds.

Here at Kingsfleet Wealth, one of our team, George Hinds, ran in our sponsored 5K race and Claire Hoblyn ran the full 10K race. Another two members of the team opted for a slightly easier option; one being the Starter for the 5K and the other cheering everyone on from the start line!

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and we are looking forward to the 2018 run … Maybe more of us will take part in various runs; you never know!