We are happy to inform you that Jenny Williams who is one of our financial advisers received her full accreditation from the Society of Later Life Advisers at the end of August.

We believe that this achievement will assist providing our clients with high quality and specialist advice that will be easily accessible.

What is SOLLA ?

SOLLA stands for Society of Later Life Advisers. It promotes comprehensive professional advice for older people and their families. The Society was formed in recognition of the importance of finding the right adviser at the right time – qualified advisers with experience in providing financial advice when it comes to later life financial planning.

Full accreditation is a recognised benchmark of the advice skills of advisers who operate in the older client market. To find out more about SOLLA, please visit their website. This independent verification of an adviser’s skills and knowledge helps provide peace of mind to individuals or families who are looking for advice on how to pay for care, whether at home or in a residential/ nursing home setting.

 Kingsfleet Wealth is proud to currently have four independent financial advisers and two of them are fully SOLLA accredited advisers!

Colin Low or Jenny Williams will be the ideal contacts for professional advisers who are seeking later life financial advice for their clients. / professional later life (financial) advice seekers.

To find out more, you can either email advice@kingsfleetwealth.co.uk or give us a call on 01473 744724.

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