As part of Kingsfleet Wealth in the community, Kingsfleet Wealth has been sponsoring a few events at the Felixstowe Book Festival since 2013.

This year we were delighted to sponsor two events at the Festival, on the 27th June 2015 (Saturday).

A Talk by Terry Waite

Our clients enjoyed a special brunch with Terry.

Terry Waite is an English humanitarian and author who has spent a lifetime working in extreme situations, including Uganda, Iran, Libya and Lebanon. It was in Beirut that he was captured and spent almost five years in total solitary confinement. Terry maintains that it is his sense of humour that enabled him to endure the difficulties he has experienced.  He decided to demonstrate this side of his personality by writing a comic novel. Terry talked about The Voyage of the Golden Handshake and the role that humour has played in some of the darkest and most difficult experiences he has endured.

Felixstowe Book Festival Afloat at the Felixstowe Sailing club. An afternoon of sailing-related talks:

Dick Wynn who is a publisher and yachtsman talked about exploring the watery byways of the Essex and Suffolk coast.  He also talked about Albert Strange who was a Yacht designer and an artist. Claudia Myatt is an artist, illustrator, author and tug-boat owner. She talked entertainingly about life on, and occasionally under water with also a special water colours demonstration.

In addition to that, shanties from the Felixstowaways ended the event on a happy note!