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To make the meeting a high quality experience we encourage you to follow these tips:

1. Download the Zoom free software onto your computer to ensure you have the best quality access  (if you are not familiar with Zoom, please contact one of our team who will help you test your set-up and take you through the functionality).

2. To make it feel like we are ‘in a room together’ we encourage all to have the video and microphone on through-out our meeting.

3. Place your laptop so your camera is approximately level with your eyes (it’s also better for your neck and posture).

4. Ensure there is good lighting in front of your face, highlighting you rather than causing shadows (avoid sitting with your back to windows with light streaming in).

5. If you have an external microphone, consider plugging it in to give a better sound quality (if there is likely to be some noise in the background, we suggest using a headset).

6. Have drinks to hand to keep you hydrated.

7. If possible, please try to make sure you are free from distractions – email notifications, mobiles, children and pets.

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