Client Stories

Case Studies

The following case studies relate to actual examples where we have helped our clients by providing solutions to their financial problems. These examples are representative of both our clients and the issues they face. Whilst they are actual examples, all personal details have been changed for confidentiality purposes.


Bev returned to work after being a home maker about 5 years ago. Whilst she thoroughly enjoys her work with the public, now that her own children are developing lives of their own, she is very keen to try and free up some of her working week to spend more time with them and to pursue her own personal interests.

Bev has recently gone through a divorce and with the pension funds and savings that she received she wondered whether she could cut back on her working week in order to permit her the opportunity of spending her time in different ways.

We ran a cashflow lifestyle plan with Bev and were able to show that not only could she reduce from 5 days to 4, which was her initial plan, but actually she could even do better than that and reduce to 3 days a week which she now plans to do from January 2021. 

Our lifestyle plan was able to show to Bev, that based on average investment returns and inflation her arrangements could comfortably see her into her 90s and she would then be able to give up work completely in her mid-60s.

This has totally changed Bev’s motivation and her plans for the future.

Mrs T

Mrs T was widowed approximately 5 years ago. At that stage she believed that her late husband had left very little for her and that she expected to lead a fairly frugal existence for the rest of her life. However, not long after her husband died she visited the law firm that had dealt with his estate to report that she continued to receive documents for him and for her that she did not understand. We were asked to assist her and after a number of months of consolidating and documenting the paperwork that she was receiving, we were able to organise everything and confirm that without her knowledge her late husband had built up a significant amount of savings and investments both in his name and in hers. 

This was a very pleasant surprise to Mrs T, even though she was disappointed that she had not been able to spend some of that and enjoy it together with her late husband.

However, the weight of worry and concern that had built up over a number of months had now been lifted and we continue to see Mrs T to help her in utilising her funds appropriately and to help her to think about ways in which she could leave those arrangements for the benefit of others on her passing.

Mr & Mrs L

Mr and Mrs L came to us having had financial advice from another firm over several years. They always felt that the other firm were not overly interested in their arrangements and plans and came to us looking for a firm who would engage with them, support them and explain their arrangements to them.

Within a couple of years of taking over their arrangements, they had an offer to buy out their business. 

We spent time with them while this offer was on the table to establish what they would then be able to live off in the future and whether this was an offer that they could accept. It transpired that this was the case and within 6 to 9 months the deal had been completed and the business had been sold.

We went through a very detailed process of ensuring that they maximised the tax efficiency of the sale value and now they work with our ‘bucket approach’ which always ensures that they have the next 12 to 24 months’ worth of spending available to them and we then top this up with income in a very tax efficient manner form the investments, pensions and tax efficient savings which we put in place for them.

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